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by admin on November 1, 2009


You may be due or overdue for a romantic weekend at home, or away from the home, but you will be pleased to hear that this doesn’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful. Of course, the where you plan for it depends somewhat on your situation, and whether you have children at home.

Let’s look at romantic weekends at home for those without children first, since this is much easier to plan. Assuming there are no children to think about, you are probably free to use you time as you choose, so to plan a romantic weekend at home, can be really inexpensive.

The first thing you need to do is to have a complete change of routine for your special weekend, so that means absolutely no business work of any kind. So, plan to turn off the cell phones, and for the home phone turn down the answering machine so you don’t hear calls coming in.

romantic weekend ideas - a carriage ride

romantic weekend ideas - a horse drawn carriage ride

Arrange to check phones for messages once or twice a day, or whatever works best for you, but keep the number as low as possible. And turn off all your computers – these can be a real mood breaker, but again you may need to check emails occasionally over the weekend.

Make the rooms cozy that you expect to be in for the weekend, with no signs of business, or anything else that is likely to stress you out.Change the sheets on your bed, put clean towels in the bathroom. Think about what you want to do during your romantic weekend – it might be watching a few romantic movies, or going on a picnic (obviously this depends on the weather!), visiting a winery or museum, cooking simple meals together, and this is important, this is a weekend for the two of you, a chance to reconnect by doing activities together. You may want to play music that has memories from your past together, or perhaps make a meal that takes you back to the time you first met. In other words, you are looking for reconnection ideas for the two of you.

You could go for a quiet walk somewhere secluded, build a campfire, where and when allowed, to toast your marshmallows over, or you might choose a quiet restaurant to go to, one that has many lit candles.Or perhaps you’ll want to shop for sexy lingerie together, or little surprises for each other. You get the idea, this romantic weekend is all about the two of you, and your time together.

When back at home, light the candles, lots of them, and if you are using aromatherapy candles, make sure you choose those that will help you to relax, or fell more sensual.  You might choose to open a bottle of wine, or have some sparkling apple juice if you prefer not to have alcohol. Plan simple meals that don’t need lots of cleaning up afterward, so for breakfast, you might want to go for muffins, or fresh fruit salad prepared in advance.

Now if you have children, your romantic weekend becomes more challenging, but even with your children around, it is still possible to have a romantic weekend at home, provided your children sleep well at night! In this case, you need to remove all toys from your bedroom, play some music so that you won’t hear any children’s voices while you are relaxing, but better still, see if you can arrange a sleep over with grandparents, Aunts or Uncles, somewhere they are very comfortable, because you don’t want the adults trying to reach you during your weekend of romance. If you don’t have relatives around, see if you can do a sleep over swap with someone so that it doesn’t cost you for a sitter.

And another important note, try not to let anything interfere with your plans for a romantic weekend at home – you deserve it!

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